January 22 2019

Real Life Island of Dr. Moreau: Humanized Mice Chimera From Aborted Baby Parts

BIG BUSINESS pays MILLIONS for procurement of aborted baby fetal parts to produce human-mice chimeras: On Oct. 17, 2018, CNSNews.com…

BIG BUSINESS pays MILLIONS for procurement of aborted baby fetal parts to produce human-mice chimeras: On Oct. 17, 2018, CNSNews.com reported that the NIH had also signed a contract with the University of California, San Francisco, that involved the use of tissue from aborted babies to construct humanized mice.

This contract was called “Humanized Mouse Models for HIV Therapeutics Development” and paid UCSF to make two different types of humanized mice using human fetal thymus and liver tissues.

The contract with UCSF was originally signed for a one-year period starting on Dec. 6, 2013 and gave the NIH the option to renew the contract for six additional one-year periods running through Dec. 5, 2020.

It says: “This contract is for Humanized Mouse Models for HIV Therapeutics Development to conduct studies in vitro and in humanized mouse models, to improve the SCID-hu Thy/Liv and the second model, and to adapt other existing or newly discovered models, all for the purpose of developing novel therapies for HIV-1 disease.”

The NIH estimates that it spent $103 million on research using human fetal tissue in fiscal 2018 and that it will spend $95 million in fiscal 2019.

The Labor-HHS-Education bill that the House Appropriations Committee approved last July – when the Republicans still controlled the chamber – specifically prohibited federal funding of research using tissue from aborted babies.

‘Obtain Human Fetal Tissue’

The current “Humanized Mouse Models for HIV Therapeutics Development” contract requires UCSF to make at least two different types of humanized mice both of which must be constructed with liver and thymus tissues taken from aborted babies.

The official NIH solicitation for this contract expressly stated that the contractor would be required to obtain fetal tissue. It said: “Specifically, the contractor shall: … Obtain the necessary human fetal tissues for use under the contract, consistently and reliably…”

It also characterized both the now-cancelled FDA contract with ABR and the NIH contract with UCSF as targets of a “conservative crusade.”

“The UCSF research has been a particular target of opponents’ ire,” said the Post. “Several dozen lawmakers signed a letter asking the administration to cut its funding. And in recent weeks, a columnist for the conservative website CNSNews.com wrote repeatedly that the administration had not canceled the contract.”

In fact, the letter cited by the Post was signed by 74 members of Congress.

In their letter, which was addressed to HHS Secretary Alex Azar, the 74 House members commended HHS for cancelling the FDA’s fetal tissue contract with ABR, called for cancelling the UCSF contract, and urged HHS to “end all complicity in research that uses aborted fetal tissue.”

Whether or not the federal government continues to fund human fetal tissue research that creates a demand for tissue taken from aborted babies is now an internal policy decision in the hands of the Trump Administration. (Read More)