February 19 2019

Prophecy on Fire! One World Pope and Top Imam Sign Deal With Astonishing Implications

By Alex Newman Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Ahmed al-Tayeb of al-Azhar signed a historic “interfaith” agreement that, according to…

By Alex Newman

Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Ahmed al-Tayeb of al-Azhar signed a historic “interfaith” agreement that, according to Christian analysts, moves the world closer to a one-world religious system and even seeks to overturn the Gospel.

Throughout the English version of the document, the word “God” is used to refer to both the God of the Bible and the Islamic deity known as Allah.

But according to Matthew 11:27, “no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.”

In other words, according to the Bible, it is not possible for the Allah to be the God of the Bible, because Muslims do not know the Jesus Christ of the Bible as the Son of God and the Messiah.

Under the controversial deal, the Vatican and the top Sunni imam vowed to cooperate in the fight against “extremism.”

Ironically, Sheikh al-Tayeb, whom the pope has referred to as “my dear brother,” has argued that the death penalty must be applied to Muslims who leave Islam if their “apostasy” creates a “danger to society.”

The agreement was reached on the first ever papal visit to the Arabian peninsula in front of a “global audience” of “religious leaders” from “Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other faiths,” according to news reports.

But critics of the agreement even included leading Catholic scholars.

Professor Roberto de Mattei, president of the Rome-based Lepanto Foundation, for instance, highlighted the pope’s call for Christians and Muslims to enter the “ark of fraternity” and the pope’s claim that religious “diversity” was God’s will.

“This reading seems to overturn the doctrine of the Gospel,” explained Professor de Mattei in comments to lifesitenews.com, adding that the pope’s language also seems to contradict established catholic doctrine.

The concepts also align with Free Masonry, he said. And indeed, European Masons have celebrated the pope’s recent rhetoric on “fraternity,” arguing that it represents the “Church’s current departure” from its historic condemnation of Masonry and secret societies.

New Age theosophical guru Alice Bailey, founder of the Lucifer Publishing Company and a leading light in esoteric circles, wrote books with help from a (demonic) “ascended master” foretelling the emergence of a global religious system.

“There will not be any dissociation between the Universal Church, the Sacred Lodge of all true Masons and the inner circles of the esoteric societies,” Bailey’s “spirits” wrote in Externalisation of the Hierarchy, one of her best-known books. “In this way, the goals and work of the United Nations shall be solidified and a new Church of God, led by all the religions and by all of the spiritual groups, shall put an end to the great heresy of separateness.”

The “great heresy of separateness” refers to Christians, Jews, and others who insist on being separate from the New Age global religion.

And indeed, prominent Christian analyst Michael Snyder argued that the covenant between the Catholic Church and Sunni Islam pushes humanity much closer to a one-world religious system.

“We know that the elite want a one world religion, but to see the most important clerics from both Catholicism and Islam make such a dramatic public push for it is absolutely stunning,” he wrote.

While mystery still surrounds the papal visit, one thing is clear: Something very big is happening.

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