February 6 2019

Islamic Takeover: Silence in American Pulpits While the USA Celebrates “NATIONAL HIJAB DAY”

by Sheila Media Admin No, you don’t need an eye doctor. You read that correct. Celebrating ‘NATIONAL HIJAB DAY’, not…

by Sheila Media Admin

No, you don’t need an eye doctor. You read that correct. Celebrating ‘NATIONAL HIJAB DAY’, not in the UK, but in the USA. ISLAM For Kids – only in AMERICA!

Oh but it’s not just in America. Even our ‘neighbors to the north’ despite record breaking deep freeze temps in Canada, are out in full force to celebrate ‘mecca mania.’

In the oil Hub of Canada: Fort McMurray, Alberta, children everywhere are celebrating Islam with smiles, donning the trendy ceremonial head scarf in the name of allah.

World Hijab Day (WHD) launched in 2004 and has been ubiquitously celebrated for 15 years in both public and Christian schools across the west.

Schools that participate in the event ask female students to dress up in hijabs (traditional Islamic female head covering) that are, ironically under Islamic sharia law, not allowed by non-Muslims.

Gee, I wonder how the local Imams (worship leaders of mosques) feel about that. In fact, some schools add Islamic head garb for the boys to wear… ISIS headband anyone?

Organizers of World Hijab Day (WHD) say the celebration serves two purposes, (both equally frightening):

  1. 1. To encourage women of all religions to experience the hijab.
  2. 2. To show that Muslims “rule the world.
  3. 3. …BACK UP – what was number TWO?!

Elementary schools, middle schools, and colleges all over USA and Canada are celebrating the event with more fervor each passing year. Groups such as CAIR, the Muslim Students Association, and the US Department of Education (as well as all levels of Canadian Government) have either been shown to directly or indirectly support Islam.

Rahaf Othman, a Muslim social studies teacher who helped organize a WHD event at Richards High School in Oak Lawn, IL said, “Wearing the hijab is ‘giving dawah’ to students.” Dawah is the “proselytizing or preaching of Islam.”

Now consider what a US Department of Education website says:

“Not since the days and months immediately after September 11 has the Muslim community faced the level of anti-Muslim bias and bullying.”

This comes from the US Department of Education website called HOMEROOM, an official blog of the department.

Created under the Obama Administration, the blog recommends that teachers show the film ‘Walk a Mile in Her Hijab’ to students as a way to combat the non-acceptance of Muslims in America.

Martin Mawyer, president of Christian Action Network, said, “Having public and private schools celebrate World Hijab Day is blatantly unconstitutional.

“Getting Students to dress as Muslims during classroom hours is an obvious advancement of Islam over other religions. The courts have repeatedly held this to be unconstitutional.

“Imagine,” Mawyer added, “if there was such a thing called World Cross Day, where schools actually promoted the event, helped obtain crosses for students to wear, had teachers string them around their necks and then sent out publicity photos of students dressed as Christians to the news media afterward.

“Groups like the ACLU would not only be swarming the place like mad locusts, but they would have filed and won the lawsuit before the first box of crosses even reached the school parking lot.”

Nationally syndicated conservative pundit and author Sheila Zilinsky tweeted out yesterday:

Pastor Glenn Patrick from West Edmonton Christian Assembly says “It’s outrageous and unacceptable is what it is.

“Let’s not be naive. We would be mistaken to miss the message to the world that the west is embracing a violent cult like Islam. It’s a false religion and lets be frank, it’s taking over the west – a west that is traditionally a Christian nation.

“But then again look at who our PM is,” he added.


Her friend, Dean Odle, Pastor of Alabama Fire and Grace Church, put out an exceptional presentation/sermon on Islam.

Zilinsky and Odle, both known for their boldness, agree that when it comes to ISLAM, it is dangerous in every aspect.

“The Islamic takeover of America is not coming, it’s here. You know regrettably the pulpit has been almost silent about Islam creeping in,” says Odle. “Almost no one bats an eye as our children dress up in Islamic garb, embrace a devilish culture, it’s just pure evil,” adds Odle.

“The HALAL-ification of most of our meat (slaughter) and consumer products is not only shocking, but sadly the ignorance about Halal is staggering.

“It’s completely alarming that most of our food is now being ceremonially sacrificed to idols – in this case to allah,” says Zilinsky, who adds, “For the record, I agree with Rev. Franklin Graham, ‘allah is not the God of Christianity.’

Zilinsky goes on, “Christian parents, get your children out of public schools. You have no business sending your children to public schools to be dressed up and paraded around as converts and adverts for Islam. Don’t take my word for it. The Bible is clear on how we are to deal with these false prophets of Islam.”

Check out SHOCKING exposé on HALAL called COVENANT with LUCIFER

WORLD HIJAB DAY’s founder Nazma Khan, who claims ‘it gives non-muslims a chance to celebrate Islamic Customs and learn more. UM, NO THANKS NAZMA. That’s a hard pass for us.

And while their Facebook page says, “We rule the world, don’t we?” Well it’s certainly starting to look that way.