February 6 2019

Christian, YOU Are In the Cross-Hairs: Pastors Slam Texas Bills That Would “Ban Christianity”

by Alex Newman A flurry of bills introduced in the Texas legislature would basically criminalize Christianity and unleash government persecution…

by Alex Newman

A flurry of bills introduced in the Texas legislature would basically criminalize Christianity and unleash government persecution of Christians, sparking alarm among critics over the fate of religious freedom, free speech, freedom of association, and other fundamental rights. Christian teachings and the biblical position on marriage, family, and sexuality are under threat.

Similar measures have already passed in other states such as New York and California. And across the post-Christian Western world, the trend has been in full swing for years.

The controversy in Texas surrounds a half-dozen pieces of legislation in this session dealing with homosexuality and gender confusion.

Targets on Christian Businesses

Several of the bills in question — HB 244, HB 254, and SB 151 — would force businesses and business owners to affirm homosexuality, transgenderism, or both.

The legislation would also force business owners to allow men to use women’s restrooms if they claimed to be confused about their “gender.”

Another bill, HB 850, would demand that Christian business owners fund homosexual benefits.

Silencing Christian Counselors

Freedom of speech and religious freedom are both in the cross-hairs.

One of the bills, HB 517, would purport to ban counseling services by Christian counselors unless they agree to accept LGBT ideology. Under the current LGBT-movement’s dogma, sexual orientation is innate and cannot be changed — something the many former homosexuals and the Bible clearly refute.

Meanwhile, the LGBT movement claims “gender” is not innate, but fluid and changeable from moment to moment based on feelings.

The Bible points out that God created people male and female, of course.

Obviously, the LGBT ideologues have it backwards — gender is innate and is based on chromosomes, and it cannot be changed; homosexual impulses, meanwhile, like impulses to commit adultery or fornication, can be controlled, resisted, and tamed.

And yet, under this legislation, Christians would be prevented from speaking the clear truth of God’s Word on these issues to people seeking help with their struggles. Instead, Christian counselors would be forced to affirm these disordered feelings against their will. This is cruel. And it puts a giant bullseye on the back of Christians.

Silencing Medical Professionals

Another bill, SB 154, would force doctors to violate their conscience and ignore biological reality by creating “retroactive birth certificates” for confused individuals.

Under the proposal, doctors would be forced to create these dishonest documents including new “gender identities” for patients who claim they do not identify with their “gender assigned at birth,” also known as their sex.

Architects of the effort hope the slew of legislative abominations will normalize homosexuality and gender confusion.

“I think there’s still a bias against people who are transgender,” Texas Representative Garnet Coleman, a Houston Democrat, told the tax-funded pro-LGBT website http://KUT.org. “There’s still a bias against people who are gay and lesbian. There’s a bias.”  Representative Coleman hopes the LGBT legislation will help stamp out that “bias.”

Pastors Condemn Christian Discrimination

But critics are crying foul. Texas Pastors Council President Dave Welch, for example, slammed the effort in comments quoted by CBN News.

“The mad dash by some Democrat House and Senate members to push false narratives that sexual behavior is the same as skin color and that mental illness deserves the same honored status as religious belief is ominous evidence that the criminalization of religious faith and common sense are on the horizon,” he warned.

Christianity Criminalization Abroad a Warning to America

Of course, in Europe, Christianity has already been all-but criminalized. Across much of Northern and Western Europe, for instance, pastors are now being routinely prosecuted and even jailed for pointing out that the Bible condemns homosexuality as a sin.

In Sweden, “Justice” authorities “investigated” the Bible and found that it was a violation of the Swedish government’s “hate speech” laws, but that it was not practical to ban it yet. Still, pastors have been thrown in jail for speaking out. And this is just the start.

What You Can Do to Take a Stand

The time is fast approaching when Christians will have to make a stand, just like the Apostle Peter did in Acts 5:29. “We ought to obey God rather than men,” Peter said. Amen, Amen.

There’s never been a greater time in history where Christians should be praying and doing spiritual warfare together — please check out Swat Prayer next week and find someone near you to pray with!