April 24 2019

Baptists Promote Abortion as “Reproductive Justice” and Romanticize Marxism

Referring to your niche social concern as “justice” was popularized by Gustavo Guttierez, a Marxist and Jesuit Priest in his…

Referring to your niche social concern as “justice” was popularized by Gustavo Guttierez, a Marxist and Jesuit Priest in his formation of Liberation Theology in 1971. The concept was uniquely Americanized about that same time by James Cone in his formulation of Black Liberation Theology in 1970.

Since then, leftists have used Christianity to push for various social initiatives to gullible believers in the name of “justice,” writes Pulpit and Pen.

“The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) posted a video from South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) president, Danny Akin, espousing the virtues of ‘racial justice’ (SEBTS heavily promotes the work of James Cone). From my own conversations with Akin, he seems unable to comprehend that he’s using Marxist terminology, or at the very least, unconcerned.

“However, to other progressive Baptists, almost anything can be a “justice” issue. Baptist News Global (BNG) ran an article replete with an urgent plea to do “environmental justice” on Earth Day.”

Taking Biblical scriptures completely out of context, the BNG writes, “We must find that internal gift from God – that graced part of ourselves – that was created to live in harmony with the natural world instead of rule over it.

“Unlike the “rich young ruler” of Matthew 19, we must find the strength to give up our “stuff” and radically change our own lives in order to let others live. Sounds remarkably like the message of Jesus proclaimed to us again and again from the pages of the Bible!

“Many Baptists and others of the evangelical tradition have been hesitant to discuss any culpability in the problem of climate change – or a responsibility to take steps to address this monumental challenge. Asking people to give up some of their comfort, time or earned wealth on behalf of others, however biblical or easily seen as an outward sign of love, is frequently ignored or dismissed.

“Environmental justice and climate change solutions must move beyond a new appreciation of creation to include listening to and learning from the poor and marginalized of our own communities and the voices of those from around the world.

“Our often thoughtless use of resources to the detriment of others must be challenged at all levels, including the spiritual.

“Baptist churches are in almost every city across the United States. The bottom line is that Baptists across the board must make care of creation a priority – from the pulpit, with our funds and in our actions.”

The Baptists at BNG also ran a post on Tuesday arguing that abortion is “reproductive justice,” reports Pulpit and Pen.

“In a post by Susan M. Shaw, who serves as a gender studies professor at Oregon State University and is a Baptist speaker and activist who wrote, God Speaks to Us, Too: Southern Baptist Women on Church, Home, and Society, BNG argues through their editorial page that ‘Heartbeat Laws’ attack Reproductive Justice, which is the ability for moms to beat, abuse, poison, and murder their children within the womb.

Shaw writes:

Rather than seeing abortion as a single issue, progressives understand abortion access as part of a much larger framework of reproductive justice.

SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective defines reproductive justice as “the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.” In other words, reproductive justice sees abortion and other reproductive issues as one facet of the much larger context of people’s lives.

“Shaw goes on to basically express the sentiment that abortion is complicated, and ‘justice’ requires giving women the right to kill their kids.”